Do you suffer from wrinkles?

Many people may feel insecure about wrinkles in the face. From the age of 30, the skin can show signs of aging, causing wrinkles. This is due to a reduction of elastin in the skin. 

Treatment to remove wrinkles

Being able to reduce wrinkles depends on the type of wrinkle. For example, there are fine lines and deep wrinkles. These wrinkles can have various causes and that is why our beauty salon always first examines the condition of your skin. We do this on the basis of the skin scan of Mac Vision. We measure the moisture content, the depth of the wrinkles, the pore structure, the elasticity and the pigmentation of the skin.

Causes of wrinkle formation

  • Sun damage
  • Poor moisture binding in the skin or insufficient consumption of water
  • A dry and/or thin skin
  • Slow cell renewal
  • Lifestyle (alcohol consumption, smoking, sleep shortage, wrong diet)

During the skin analysis we also ask a number of questions about your lifestyle, how you take care of your skin and your habits. We can only determine what the best solution is to reduce your wrinkles after this skin examination. For our beauticians it is very important to first determine where the wrinkles occur. Then, regardless of the cause of skin aging, a suitable solution can be used at CadanCe Skin Spa.

The wrinkle treatment with So Up Reloaded

In our beauty salon, a professional wrinkle treatment is offered with the help of the So Up Reloaded. Thanks to this wrinkle treatment, you get a facelift without having to undergo surgery. This way, the relaxed skin in the face or décolleté can regain volume!

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What can you expect after a cure of the So Up Reloaded:

  • More volume in your skin
  • A refined skin structure

  • Improvement of the collagen fibers

  • Tight and lifted skin