Acne treatment at CadanCe Skin Spa

Do you suffer from pimples and impurities? Visit our beauty salon and discover the possibilities to get rid of your acne in a few weeks.  

How does acne develop?

Acne is the continuation of dilated sebaceous glands in which bacteria are located. This causes inflammation resulting in pimples.

Acne begins in puberty, but women and men with excessive sebum production can also suffer from it later in life. Excessive sebum production is stimulated by hormones (androgens). Fortunately, acne is easy to treat and sometimes preventable.

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Beautician specialized in acne

Two beauticians specializing in acne, Naomi and Inge, work in our beauty salon. And we work together with skin therapist Natasha. These skin experts can tell you all about the acne treatments at CadanCe Skin Spa and a personal treatment program.

CadanCe Skin Spa offers the following beauty treatments for acne:

We always remind our customers that an acne treatment involves the use of acne products. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a result without following a strict program.

Do you want to get rid of your acne and do you want professional advice for a smooth skin? Then make an appointment for an intake interview and a skin analysis.

In case of very severe forms of acne, we refer to a skin therapist or dermatologist. CadanCe Skin Spa has been working for many years together with a permanent skin therapist through Cosmetique-Totale.