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The amount of child support is paid primarily based on Florida`s child support guidelines. In cases of retroactive support, this can be very difficult, as parents` income may have fluctuated during the period in which the child allowance should have been paid. For example, if parents` income varies each week, the court may have to make individual decisions for each week over the 24 months. The court usually applies a two-part test to cases of presumed income credit. First, it should be noted that the absence of employment or the reduction in income was voluntary. Second, the court must determine whether the loss of income resulting from the parent`s pursuit of his or her own interests is due to a less diligent and bona fide effort to find employment at a level of income equal to what the parent could earn. See Schram v. Schram. Family allowances meet the needs of children so that they can flourish. But there are often a lot of challenges and questions regarding the enforcement of child support in Florida. What happens if no child support is paid in Florida? How are family allowances paid? How does child support enforcement work in Pinellas County? These are, among other things, some common issues that need to be addressed when parents deal with our state`s legal system.

Under Florida laws, both parents are required to financially support their minor children during marriage and after a divorce. Florida courts use certain calculation methods to determine the amount of child support paid from one parent to another. In many divorce and custody proceedings, child support can be one of the most important decisions of the court. In general, it is determined which parent is the main residential parent or with which parent the children will live primarily. Once this decision is made, the court calculates the amount that the homeless parent pays to the parent. ▢ Check the payment method. Florida has several methods to ensure prompt payment. Think in advance about how the aid will be paid. Usually, these types of uncovered expenses are not part of the child support agreement. As with child care, uncovered expenses generally change from month to month. They can`t predict what they will be. A child may be healthy one month and end up in the emergency room the next month.

In such situations, a parent pays the first bill. The other parent will reimburse them according to the percentage due. Family allowances are likely to be paid even if the children spend the same time with each parent. This is a rare case where neither parent pays family allowances. For example, if there is an equal timeshare, but the mother earns more money, she may be required to pay child support. In general, there will be child support unless both parents earn the same income and have the same custody. We encourage you to know your rights as a father! The topics of family allowances and childbearing (timeshare) are two distinct and different issues. If you think you meet the criteria for a change of child support, contact us to start the process. Once child benefits are set, parents continue to pay the set amount until the child reaches the age of 18.

There may be special circumstances that extend the payment period, e.B graduation from high school after the age of 18 or if the child has a disability. ▢ Daycare and private school. Tuition can be expensive. Set them before the end of your child support application. In cases involving joint custody, the court usually applies a four-step analysis to determine the amount of child support. The first step is to calculate the total amount of child benefits required by reading the guidelines. Then, the court will determine each parent`s share according to the guidelines. Each parent`s share is determined by dividing their monthly income by the combined monthly income of both parents.

Then, the court determines the period during which each parent has custody of the child as a percentage. For example, if parents have 50/50 custody, their responsibility will be 50%. Failure to pay Florida child support has serious consequences. The delinquency threshold regarding the enforcement of child support in Florida, which would amount to a crime, is that if a parent is ordered to pay child support, it may affect the amount of support required for subsequent children. The amount paid can be deducted from the parents` gross income used to calculate child support in Florida. See paragraph 61.30(3)(f) of the Child Support Act. Remember; This only applies to a child support order. Thus, if a parent voluntarily provides assistance without a court order, the deduction under this Act does not apply. How child support is calculated in Florida depends on a variety of factors.

The income level is used to calculate the dollar amount of child benefits per child. Below is a list of the top 5 factors that help calculate child support dollars in the state of Florida. A change of child support is possible at any time. However, there must be a substantial and substantial change in the income situation, usually of the parent paying child support. You can determine child support by following the guidelines for Florida. You need to gather information to get started, such as the income of the mother and father. All deductions, exclusions, child care or health care expenses must be reported. The number of nights a child spends with a parent should also be taken into account. To calculate the amount of your child support, first determine your income. .