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The salon in the Hague in The Hague for skin improvement and skin rejuvenation

CadanCe Skin Spa

CadanCe Skin Spa offers a complete skin improvement program for both skin problems and skin aging. We do this in a natural way with the help of result-oriented beauty treatments en products.

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Top 3 nomination Beauty Award 2018

The owner of CadanCe, Sophie Imbert, finished 4th at the Beauty Award 2018, in the category ‘newcomer of the year’. We are extremely proud of the CadanCe team for reaching the top 4 of the Netherlands!
CadanCe Huidinstituut nominatie

Beauty Salon The Hague

CadanCe Skin Spa is located at Vlierboomstraat 461 in The Hague and is affiliated with the professional organization ‘de Anbos’. Our treatment method is focused on lasting and visible skin improvement. We strive for the best result, for skin. Our specializations are Acne treatments, Anti-aging treatments, Deep tissue massage, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling, Radio frequency, Mesotherapy and Figure correction.

For skin specialist care, we work together with a permanent skin therapist through Cosmetique Totale. Our skin-improving and skin-rejuvenating treatments are supported by four strong cosmetics brands and cosmeceuticals: La Colline, Murad, Young Blood en Nimue Skin Technology.

Customized skin improvement and rejuvenation

Various external factors can affect the skin, such as: sun damage, illness, medication, menopause, aging process, lack of sleep, stress, smoking, alcohol, air pollution, nutrition and weather conditions. As a result, the skin can lose energy, become valiant and lifeless and deteriorate, wrinkles and lines sharpen, weakening and aging skin can strike faster.

A customized advice and treatment program will stimulate healthy skin, and will repair or improve skin problems. A focused and skin-improving treatment will continue to have a rejuvenating effect. Just as we exercise, eat healthy and take sufficient rest, our skin will stay in good condition with regular skin care. In addition to the professional care of the skin, a facial treatment is also a moment for yourself during which you can relax.

CadanCe Skin Spa

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Customized skin improvement and rejuvenation

By selecting these skincare products, each with their own identity and specialty, we offer you a wide range of professional beauty treatments. For the continuation of the result for the skin and skin improvement, these cosmetic brands offer excellent products for skin care at home. Together with you, we look at the needs of your skin, the treatment options and your personal desire to improve your skin.

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