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Radio frequency body

Have you already tried a lot to reduce anti-aging and/or cellulite, but without any result? We have the perfect beauty treatment for you! Thanks to the So Up Reloaded device, you can safely tighten your skin and lose weight.

Do you want a tighter skin on your the face, neck and body?

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CadanCe Skin Spa

CadanCe Skin Spa offers a complete skin improvement program for both skin problems and skin aging. We do this in a natural way with the help of result-oriented beauty treatments en products.

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How does the anti-aging treatment work?

After we have thoroughly cleaned and activated the skin by means of a light deep tissue massage, the skin is heated with the Radio Frequency technique. This heat activates the energy in the skin cells and ensures the recovery of aging processes.
The production of collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated. As a result, the skin looks lifted and is greatly strengthened. The result is a facelift without surgery!

What are the results of this beauty treatment?

The results for the face are:

  • More volume in the skin
  • Stimulation of elastin and collagen fibers
  • More optimal effect of your home program
  • Lifted skin without wrinkles and puffiness
  • Tighter facial contour

The results for the body:

  • Drainage of localized fat and fluid accumulations
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Better blood and lymph circulation
  • Stimulation of elastin production


What can you expect after a cure of the So Up Reloaded:

More volume in your skin
A refined skin structure
Improvement of the collagen fibers
Tight and lifted skin