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Hand and feet care

Hands are, besides the face, our business card. That is why it is very important to take good care of your nails. In addition to beauty treatments for skin improvement and skin rejuvenation, CadanCe also offers various manicure and (cosmetic) foot treatments. The hands and/or feet are taken care of and you can choose to have your nails painted in a beautiful color.

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CadanCe Skin Spa

CadanCe Skin Spa offers a complete skin improvement program for both skin problems and skin aging. We do this in a natural way with the help of result-oriented beauty treatments en products.

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What is Shellac nail polish?

When there is a need for a nail polish, we use Shellac. This is a semi-permanent nail polish. Also called gellak

How is Shellac applied?

Do you recognize the following situations? 

  • Are you tired of having to paint your nails twice a week? 
  • Do you find the drying time of nail polish too long? 
  • Or do you often damage your nail polish after the first day? 

Then opt for a manicure or pedicure with shellac nail polish! 

How is Shellac applied?

We use a UV lamp to harden the paint. The paint does not cause damage to your nails. 

What are the results?

Shellac remains on the hands for two to three weeks. On the feet, five to six weeks. So you can enjoy perfect looking nails for much longer! There are more than 30 classic and trendy colors in the CadanCe range. There is something beautiful for everyone!