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Face Peeling The Hague

Do you want to get rid of skin problems and improve your skin at the same time? This can be customized with the help of the Murad treatment. We start this beauty treatment with a skin analysis. Every skin type is unique.
We perform this skin analysis with the help of a skin scan. The peeling for this treatment is chosen according to your own skin type and the need of your skin.

We also always make an inventory of the needs and goals of our customer.

Our skin is daily exposed to a number of factors, with the result that it can age prematurely.

CadanCe Skin Spa

CadanCe Skin Spa offers a complete skin improvement program for both skin problems and skin aging. We do this in a natural way with the help of result-oriented beauty treatments en products.

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How is this Murad facial peeling performed?

The peeling by Murad is an pleasant treatment. The skin is first thoroughly cleaned and extendedly checked, so that the best peeling is chosen for your skin. During the peeling, the neck and décolleté are pleasantly massaged. We also apply a facial mask afterwards and we extensively massage the face and hands.

Who is the facial peeling suitable for?

This treatment is recommended when you recognize the following points: 

  • If you suffer from (fine) wrinkles
  • Light pigmentation spots on the face
  • If you have a pale skin
  • Or if you want to prevent skin aging.  

Then this treatment is a good choice for you! Thanks to this treatment, you get a direct result in a pleasant way. 

Results of the peelings from our beauty salon

The peeling by Murad puts the skin to work and ensures that the skin achieves optimal activity. Cell division is stimulated so that you can benefit from a soft and smooth skin and a fresh and healthy appearance, both in the short and the longer term (up to 3 weeks after the treatment) .

NEW! Murad peeling level 3

Costs for this peeling: €112,50

Retinol dual-phase power peel is an innovative technology that gives your skin an intense peeling in a safe way and at the same time also restores it.

» Direct result
» Improvement in both short and long term

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