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LPG Cellu M6 body

Also called Cellu M6 and Endermology, LPG is the market leader in slimming and anti-aging techniques.
Because all wishes and needs are unique, LPG endermology has developed new techniques to improve body and face contours.

With the LPG treatment, we offer a painless way to visibly improve your silhouette with a triple effect. This treatment is scientifically substantiated and results in simultaneous slimming and anti-aging for both face and body.

What is LPG endermology?
With the combination of suction of the skin and dynamic motorized movements of the valves, the skin undergoes a mechanical connective tissue massage to create tightening. Your skin undergoes a real fitness training and your skin cells and collagen tissue are stimulated.

CadanCe Skin Spa

CadanCe Huidinstituut biedt een programma voor totale huidverbetering op maat voor zowel huidproblemen als huidveroudering. Dat doen wij op een natuurlijke manier met behulp van resultaatgerichte schoonheidsbehandelingen en producten.

Uiterlijk speelt een belangrijke rol in het leven van mensen en dat realiseren wij ons goed. De impact die wij daarin hebben is groot en niet altijd in cijfers te meten. Wij zorgen ervoor dat iedere klant via een persoonlijk plan verbetering ervaart en zichzelf daardoor beter voelt. Wij werken vanuit onze kennis, expertise en ervaring, maar ook vanuit ons hart om van ieder bezoek een beleving te maken.

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Who is LPG endermology suitable for?

LPG Body

  • Do you suffer from cellulite (orange peel skin)?
  • Is the skin on your legs, belly, arms loose?
  • Do you experience resistant local fat?
  • Is your waist not clearly defined? 

LPG Face

  • Do you suffer from loose skin?
  • Is your skin dull and does it lack energy?
  • Is your jaw contour not clearly defined? 
  • Do you have a double chin?

What are the results?


  • 70% of excess local fat is eliminated
  • Several cm loss on the treated zone
  • 67% cellulite reduction
  • 71% skin firming


  • 80% endogenous hyaluronic acid
  • 87% filled up wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • 70% firming
  • The complexion is brightened


How does LPG Endermology work?

After an accurate intake and an inventory of your wishes, we prepare a treatment plan for you. 

Together with you, we determine the zones that are to be treated and we strive for the best results possible.

LPG treatments are performed as a cure; 6 to 16 treatments with 1 or 2 a week.